Unique combination of Yucca extract, Probiotic bacteria, herbal compounds and Tiatnium Nanoparticle to control Ammonia and Nitrite of Shrimp culture pond


Ammonia is toxic to fish and shrimp. Ammonia is a compound that is used by bacteria as food. Bacteria then in turn changes ammonia to other compounds such as nitrate and nitrite. Ammonia is a  significant limiting factor in shrimp production. Its build-up can reach toxic levels and affect shrimp health and water quality. This may lead to a reduction in farm productivity, economic losses and shrimp mortality.

The yucca family of plants and trees has been utilized as a natural ingredient for a variety of animal health applications. In aquaculture, yucca schidigera specifically has been shown to be a powerful, cost-effective tool for ammonia control.

Not only Yucca, other probiotics bacteria can also reduces pond ammonia as well as Nitrite from pond. They are Pseudomonas denitrificans, Nitrosomas europea, Nitrobacter vulgaris, Thiobacillus denitrificans, Perococcus denitrificans

There are few herbal compounds which can inhibit Ammonia production from Nitrogen sources.

Titanium Nanoparticle also degrade Ammonia and Nitrite with the help of sun light and it generate Nitrogen and Oxygen.


Provide Yucca extract to adsorb Ammonia as well as probiotic bacteria to degrade Ammonia and Nitrite

Remove harmful gasses – Ammonia, Nitrite

Inhibit harmful gas production – by unique proprietary formula

Promote healthy growth

Enhance dissolved Oxygen production


1 Kg powder to one hectare of pond

Instruction to use

Dissolve 1 Kg powder with appropriate quantity of soil and dispense to one hectare pond

Do not use any disinfectant along with this formulation