Herbal active compounds are absorbed faster from Phytosomes complex. Health benefits of consuming herbal compounds have been recognized since ages, but unlocking the benefits from these compounds for the body has always been a major hurdle due to their poor absorption and bioavailability. For good bioavailability, natural products must have a good balance between hydrophilicity (for dissolving into the gastrointestinal fluids) and lipophilicity (to cross lipidic biomembranes). Many phytoconstituents like polyphenolics have good water solubility, but are, nevertheless, poorly absorbed, because of their large size, making them incompatible with the process of passive diffusion and/or their poor miscibility with oils and other lipids. As a result, the ability of herbal flavonoids/alkaloids/phytochemicals to cross the lipid-rich outer membrane of small intestine enterocytes is severely limited. Herbal drugs comprise of a vast array of active contents which furnish us with a number of applications. But due to a high polarity and a poor lipophilicity the active contents are poorly absorbed resulting in poor bioavailability. These problems can be overcome by formulating a suitable novel preparation of the herbal extract.

Phytosomes are one of the novel drug delivery systems containing hydrophilic bioactive phytoconstituents of herbs surrounded and bounded by phospholipids. Phytosomes are plant phospholipids based nanospheres which are used to improve bioavailability of herbal active compounds for a better efficacy. Phytosomes help in absorption of herbal non-polar but active compounds for better bioavailability and help to maintain these active principles in the body for better benefits. These active phytochemicals ingredients are adsorbed with Plant Phospholipids (Phosphotidylcholine, Phosphotidylserine, Phosphotidylionositol and Phosphotidylethanolamaine) extracted from plant lecithins and mixed with a high speed homogenizer in defined ratios for Phytosomes complex formation. This phyto-phospholipid complex resembles a little cell which exhibits better pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic profile than the conventional herbal extract resulting in better bioavailability.

Using proprietary Phytosomes technology developed by our researchers, these herbal actives will be able to get absorbed in a better way and be retained in the body for a longer duration, providing health benefits.