IgY Immunologix is dedicated to veterinary and aquaculture research and has mandate to provide IgY antibodies for lab research, diagnostics and therapeutics for viral and bacterial diseases of human and veterinary importance. We have a deep expertise to tailor IgY antibodies with specific need. We have technologies to develop rare and valuable research antibodies, patentable cancer biomarker diagnostics, effective nutraceuticals, and therapeutic antibodies. The company has unique therapeutic and prophylactic product portfolio for veterinary, aquaculture and herbal human diseases.   In collaboration with different research institutes and Universities, we have developed expertise to design hybrid nanoparticle, conjugation of nanoparticle to antibodies, recombinant for diagnostic purposes.

Our lab is DSIR approved from Govt of India. We have scientific team on board with experience of new drug discovery from Indian and US Pharmaceuticals with rich experience in Immunology and Molecular Biology from Johns Hopkins University and University of Pennsylvania, USA.   We also deal with new drug discovery programs and employ a target-based approach on specific diseases and applications. We select projects in the translational space with substantive animal or human proof of concept data. We have a diverse portfolio of programs ranging from cancer metastasis, solid tumors and Immunology and inflammatory disorders. IgY Immunologix has developed Platform applicable to drug candidate selection including in vitro biochemical, cell based and mechanism of action assays. With the manpower of 60+ man years’ experience in drug discovery screening and target validation, our lab is capable of developing assays with Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Immunology, Biochemistry, and Microbiology. We are developing two novel clinical candidates in the field of inflammation and oncology.