Effective control of Mycoplasma driven complicated chronic respiratory disease (CCRD) with Carbon Quantum Dots (CQD)

 Control of CCRD

  • Upper respiratory diseases
  • E coli and Salmonella sp. infection control


Chronic respiratory disease (CRD) has been a major economic loss during farming. CRD is a disease caused by the group of organisms known as pleuropneumonia-like organism (PPLO).
Uncomplicated CRD is not a big problem today, however, CRD with co-infection of E.coli causes CCRD outbreak and high mortalities.

There are 2 species of Mycoplasma which causes economic losses in poultry. These two species are Mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG), Mycoplasma synoviae (MS) which affects chicken.
When Mycoplasma infection interacts with common respiratory viruses, immunosuppressive agents, toxins and poor management practices, it leads to chronic respiratory disease (CRD). With secondary Escherichia coli infection further complicating the interaction, it becomes a complicated chronic respiratory disease (CCRD). In broiler M. gallisepticum causes CRD and is being associated with other pathogens like E.coli, and conditions like immunosuppression, dust, ammonia, overcrowding, etc. Mode of transmission is through eggs, but can be also passed from bird to bird through nasal discharges and droppings.

The disease is characterized by loss of appetite, dullness, depression, tendency to huddle together, coughing, tail bobbing when breathing, emaciation, respiratory rales, nasal discharge, coughing, sneezing and swelling of the face, sneezing, open mouth breathing, conjunctivitis, periorbital swelling, poor growth, decreased feed consumption and increase in mortality. In layers, both species cause egg production loss.

The use of essential oils had a good effect on performance, weight gain, immune response and decreasing the lesion score of Mycoplasma infected chickens. A product mixture of essential volatile oils was tested experimentally for evaluation of its effect on Mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG) and Escherichia coli (E.coli) experimental infection. Later these essential oils are loaded with Carbon Quantum Dots (CQD) to enhance its activities.

Mechanism of action

Unique options for Mycoplasma and associated bacterial infection control

  • Active herbal compounds, unique trace minerals and its delivery to cellular level helps to control mycoplasma multiplications and boost immune system for better recovery from mycoplasma and bacterial infection.
  • Essential oils and other herbal active phytochemicals are known for control and has not been reported for any resistance.
  • Carbon Quantum Dots (CQD) is recently known to doped with essential oils and phytochemicals to enhance activity several folds for effective control of infection.

Clinical trials

  • Completed field trial with CCRD
  • Reported 90% reduction of infections in 3-5 days
  • Seven to ten days treatment provided 0% mortality
  • Feed intake normal and regain growth


Treatment program:

Water – 1:5000 dilution to everyday for 7-10 days

Prevention program:

Water: 1:10000 dilution to everyday water

Prevention and treatment

Chronic Mycoplasma infection

E coli and Salmonella sp. infection

CRD control.