Unique chelated minerals for water quality for healthy growth

General function of minerals includes constituents of the exoskeleton, balance of osmotic pressure, structural constituents of tissues and transmission of nerve impulse and muscle contractions. Minerals serve as essential components for enzymes, vitamins, hormones, pigments, and co-factor in metabolism, catalysts, and enzyme activators.  Shrimp can absorbs or excrete minerals directly from the aquatic environment via gill and body surfaces. So, the dietary requirement of minerals is largely dependent on the minerals concentration of the aquatic environment in which the shrimp is being cultured.

A versatile chelating agent exhibiting functional properties like chelation, turbidity removal and hardness control. Chelated minerals application to pond brings about effective clumping of suspended particles to form larger particles. These large sized particles quickly settle down resulting into turbidity free clear pond water.  Use of chelated minerals prevents plankton crash that often happens due to uncontrolled ammonia and iron toxicity. Chelated minerals application to the pond improves feeding and performance of shrimp.



Components :

Chelated Minerals   – Mg, Na, Ca, Fe, Al, Mn, Si, P, K, Cl, S

Chelated Elements  –  Zn, B, Co, Mo, Cu,  Cr, Ti, I, Se, Sn


  • To optimize the utilization of the dietary nutrients
  • To improve digestion and for better FCR
  • Provides better growth to zooplanktons which will provide good growth to shrimp
  • Supply essentials Macrominerals, Microminerals and essential elements to enrich pond water and soil
  • Provide high bioavailability of minerals, buffering capacity, osmoregulation and help in balancing soil pH.
  • Enhanced growth of zooplanktons
  • Improve moulting cycle, growth and muscle quality and survivability.


  • Pond with 1.5 meter water depth:
    • 5 Kg per acre
    • Frequency – every 15 days

Instruction to use

Dissolve minerals in appropriate amount of  water and dispense in pond